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Nous tenons à nous présenter : « AMI GUIYOUR » est une association qui forme a la conversion depuis une dizaine d’années et qui prépare des milliers de candidats à la conversion, cela dans tout le pays et de part le monde. Notre particularité découle de la prise de conscience que toutes les histoires des candidats à la conversion sont uniques et personnelles – et donc doivent être traitées de la sorte. Au cours des années nous avons pu accompagner des milliers d’histoires émouvantes de conversion. Il est difficile de décrire l’émotion lorsque le candidat à la conversion entend de la bouche du tribunal rabbinique gouvernemental son acceptation à devenir un membre intégral du peuple juif.

A la tête d’AMI GUIYOUR se trouve le Rabbin Haim Drukman, autorité rabbinique d’érudition et de génie. Il reçut l’éminent prix d’Israël, pour l’ensemble de ses actions pour l’état d’Israël et entre autre pour son action pour la conversion et la réalisation de la conversion reconnue par l’état d’ Israël.


In Israel today there are more than 350,000 citizens who are not Jewish, who immigrated to Israel within the last 20 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain. These immigrants were given citizenship on the strength of the Law of Return. Many of them belong to a technical category of people whose status is known as “Seed of Israel”, a term coined by Rabbi Tzvi Kalischer, which means descendants of our brothers who, as a result of 70 years of Communism, have intermarried. Many others are family members who are not technically “Seed of Israel” but have cast their lot with the Jewish State and the Jewish people.

Most see themselves as having a place in Israel and her institutions; belonging to a collective Jewish identity. They enlist in the army and participate fully in the Israeli experience. But are not Jews according to Jewish Law and all that that implies; personally, religiously and nationally.

According to the teachings of Rabbi Chaim Druckman, the State of Israel has a national and religious responsibility to these lost brothers and their families. We are obligated

and honored to actively work to bring them back into the embrace of Judaism. All this stems, first and foremost, from a sense of love and respect for the convert. 

Customized Matching
A decision was made by “AMI – Conversion Ulpan With a Personal Touch” to open additional learning tracks, all of whom are based on the oldest and best quality conversion methods; conversion based on learning from role models.

Despite its being based on one of oldest models, the “AMI – Personal Conversion Ulpan” is at the same time, an innovation in the modern conversion world, in that it transforms the year into an intimate, familial experience. Small classes of potential converts study via formal as well as informal means, all the while being guided by a model orthodox family in a homey, friendly atmosphere.

The various learning tracks enable us to more closely match each student, based on their individual background, to the class most suited to them.

The Conversion Court

After the convert completes the full curriculum in the ulpan and decides that he wants to accept the yoke of heaven and join the Jewish nation, he is ready to approach the conversion court. In recent years, an impression has taken hold in the minds of the public, largely owing to how specific events were covered in the media, that passing this stage of the conversion process presents no small challenge.

The reality of the situation is quite another story. The fact is that there is a high passing rate among those who come before the conversion court. Obviously, diligent and comprehensive preparation during the learning phase will help to ensure a positive outcome.

After Conversion

The AMI organization considers the integration of the convert into the community of paramount importance in maintaining continuity from the classroom into living everyday life as a Jew. The success of the convert in this new endeavour represents his own personal success as well as something to be celebrated by the Jewish nation as a whole.

Conversion Process – The Government’s Part

“AMI – Conversion Ulpan With a Personal Touch”, functions in full cooperation with the conversion branch of the Prime Minister’s office which is the body responsible for conversion in Israel.


“AMI – Conversion Ulpan With a Personal Touch” sees the great importance of full cooperation with cities, community centers, community organizations and student organizations. The ability to combine strengths helps to ensure the long-term success of the converts throughout the process.


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